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One link connecting shoppers with brands anywhere online.

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Your favourite products, in one place.

Bundle multiple products directly from any brand's website into one shop link, sharable and shoppable across any platform.

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Be seen by the brands you love.

Open doors for data-backed interactions with the brands you talk about. No influencer requirements.

Broker partnerships, unlock rewards, and build relationships. It's up to you.

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See the impact of your voice.

Measure the activity of your links, no matter where you share them – your private Instagram, your WhatsApp group, or even your Discord.

ari brings it all together.

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Thousands of products, shared & linked.

Connect commerce to your community.

Grow your e-commerce business through the people that love your brand.

Attribute sales and performance data to people across the internet with a single link.


Meet our founders

With a combined 40+ years of experience in the global fashion and marketing industry, we have lived the breakdown of the traditional e-commerce growth model. Consumers are now aggregating around people versus in a few, centralized advertising-driven platforms.

ari is paving the way for people to truly shop together.

Sheenah Rogers Pfeiffer

Founder, CEO


Caroline Rothwell Gerstein

Co-Founder, CMO



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